Power points of Human Headphones

  • Work as both speakers and headphones.
  • Innovative and unique design that no company provide till now.
  • You can control these headphones by touch and voice. Isn’t that crazy!!
  • Next generation batteries, 9 hours long life.
  • Translate up to 11 languages with individuals and even large groups.
  • Extended wireless change, 100 feet long connectivity.

If all this is not enough you to buy Human Headphones then read the blog below.

Human headphones

Reason to buy human headphones

Music is one of the biggest creations of mankind. Music is an important part of us, as it expresses our feelings as well as emotions. Many people find music as a way to get a break from the pain of life. This blog is not about Why music is important in our lives, this blog will tell you that if you are a music lover than the source of music should be next level and should match your personality.

New product in the headphone industry has been introduced that is HUMAN HEADPHONES.  Human Headphones have the audio quality at one-fifth the weight of an over the ear headphone and exceed voice and music quality to the next level that you can not even expect, have 2x the battery life that is 9-hour long battery life, and a larger connectivity distance than traditional earbuds that is 100 feet long. This is crazy!!

Human headphones

Specifically designed to adapt to varying needs throughout the day, Human Headphones can be easily converted into a portable Bluetooth speaker when the earpieces are snapped together by the magnet, that makes the device easy to go from personal music experience to group music experience.

When worn as headphones, users can adjust the level of ambient sound admitted through Human Headphones by simply tapping their finger on the earpiece to hear more (or less) of what’s going on around them.

Human headphones

Human Headphones claim that they are having the most innovative design and also have innovative controls that no company provides until now. You can control these headphones by voice, touch and even blend.

You can translate up to 11 languages with in the headphones. This translated mode lets you converse in multiple languages with individuals o with the groups.

The cost is a bit high that is 19K but I think it is worth spending.