“Wear same watch to wedding and work , now its time for second hand”

What Is A Watch Wardrobe?

This blog will help you to change your personality to a totally new person. Watches play a very significant role in deloping a person personality. Best mens watches. Watches depicts you how you take care of yourself and how much detailed person you are. Most of the people like those people who keeps on grooming and having a fancy watch wardrobe is an essential part of grooming. To get best mens watches you must rely upon the brands not on the cheap watches.

A watch wardrobe can be spendy, if you’ve got the means, but needn’t be if you haven’t. The key is that what’s in it gets worn, and that each element is bought with an understanding of how it’ll work with what you wear.

How To Start Your Own

There is no need to collect 10’s off watches to build a watch wardrobe , we say that every man needs three watches: one for the office , one for the weekend and something plain-faced for formal dinners

Building a watch wardrobe, then, means covering bases. Some say that every man needs three watches: one for the office , one for the weekend and something plain-faced for formal dinners that tells nothing other than the time and how refined your taste is. Fine if you’re Don Draper. Less so if you’re more often in nightclubs than those reserved for private members.

So, although the trio stands, it needs updating. A good place to start is with a classic dress watch, before moving onto something sporty. Lastly, a statement piece comes in handy for special occasions – think weddings, parties and general events that require you to dress up. It’s ok to go fancy here. You want something with enough jazz to separate it from your dress watch daily – it should feel special when you strap it on; the wrist equivalent of putting on a bespoke suit.

Best Mens Watches

the First Watch: The Simple One

Your first watch, then, should be something adaptable. You also don’t want to blow the bank. Your first watch sets a benchmark you’re unlikely to dip below, so be sensible and look to upgrade later. The idea here is to go with something simple, that’ll be just as stylish in ten years as it is now. Stick with minimal time-only pieces that work well with both formal and casual dress  – think slim hands, paired back hour markers and small case sizes.brands you may consider fossil, Timex, Casio.

Key Features: Minimal dial, understated design
Price Point: RS 3000-RS 5000
When To Wear It: Every day, to the office

best mens watches

The Second Watch: The Sporty One

Next comes something with more personality. Sports watches are inevitably less formal than dress watches – they tend to feature additional complications such as chronographs or diving bezels which add to their complexity and make them more appropriate for laid back attire.

Depending on the model you go for, a sports watch may well be the most versatile piece in your rotation. Get a classically styled one, a Tissot Seastar or a seiko, and you’ll be able to wear it with just about anything, apart from your sharpest business suit or a tuxedo that is.

Sports watches should technically be hardier than slighter models due to their functional nature – they’re often waterproof and made from chunkier steel so they can take a knock or two. As such, your weekend shouldn’t be without one. Due to their more complex functions however, sports watches with mechanical movements are usually much more expensive than equivalent dress watches, not taking into account pieces made from precious metal. To style your wardrobe the best brands would be a vedifice , G SHOCK, Armani. These brands are the best mens watches.

Key Features: Rugged design, a complication (i.e. chronograph or diving bezel)
Price Point: RS 4000-RS 8000
When To Wear It: At the weekend, with casual attire

best mens watches

The Third Watch: The Statement One

Finally, your statement watch. Perhaps counter-intuitively, there’s an argument to be made that less wear means you should spend more. You get the pleasure of breaking out something special and run less risk of it getting battered. But statement needn’t mean over-the-top. We’re not talking about gaudy colors and oversized dials here – statements can be classy too, and (a tad) expensive.

Just remember, mechanical watches aren’t like their workhorse quartz cousins. Good watches are like car engines, they need to be maintained every couple of years or otherwise, they risk losing performance.

And just as you wouldn’t take that finely tuned Ferrari to the supermarket, don’t risk damaging your tourbillion on the trolley. That said, remember to – when appropriate – actually wear it. You don’t want your wardrobe to become a security box. This is the best mens watches.

best mens watches

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Brands for best mens watches


If you are finding a watch for both sporty look and for the purpose of occasions. Edifice watches provide plenty of features nowadays like smartphone link, dual dial world clock, radio control multi-brand 6, tough solar, smart access, LED light in watches, Temperature measurement.

It is worth spending 12,00-13,000 on an edifice watches.

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A Tissot watch can be one of the best mens watches that you can have in your watch wardrobe. Tissot watches are innovating in their products since 1853, you can be confident that you are buying a genuine and perfect watch.

If you want a dress watch than Tissot watch is best that you can get in the market under the price range of 10,000.

best mens watches

G Shock

G shock is the muscular brother of Casio over 30 years but its charm is still the same. The selling of G shock is it is having a battery life over 10 years, water-resistant 100mm and an easily survive a 10m fall on a hard surface.

If you are very much into sports than this is the brand for you. G Shock has now bring some innovations like Bluetooth and smart connect in there watches. G shock price range starts from 8,000.

best mens watches


When it comes to watches, Rolex means premium. Rolex provides the most premium watches than can cost you 25 grams of gold. Name things you want in a watches Rolex will provide you that. Statistics have shown that Rolex watches are perhaps the finest mass product that is produced in the world.

There are many other watches that you can buy, but trust me that these 4 watches are the best and the most trusted watches that you can have. These are the best mens watches brand. this can be the king of your watch wardrobe.

best mens watches