Gym is not that easy as it sounds to go for an hour and pulling weights. Gym need appetite and motivation either it could be for weight loss or muscle building. Losing weight, gaining strength, boosting endurance and increasing flexibility are all long term goals, so you needed to be really focus toward your goal for a longer period of time that could be month or even a year.

If you actually want to bring some changes in your body then you have to be dedicated toward your diet also , because in a recent study it is stated that what ever you do in the gym only contributes 30% and rest is dependent on your diet that is 70% which is actually a big number. So ,here are certain gym tips that will motivate you :

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Before diving into the practical gym tips for beginners, remember that the most important exercise that you have to do every day is confidence. Whether you’re lifting 100 KGs or 1 KGs, you should be proud of yourself for showing up at the gym at all!

Remember that everyone at the gym was once in your shoes. Those first few workouts, no matter how “easy” they are in terms of physical intensity, are often the most mentally challenging. Be proud, remain confident and trust that your gym skills and fitness savvy will increase over time.


It is very simple to explain, during gym you are actually increasing or decreasing your body size and you has to be regular with it. During the gym your body looses lots of calories and your diet has to fulfill the essential requirement like fiber, minerals and protine. That’s actually a tough job to do to bring your body familiar with this routine. So you need to be regular with your gym in order to achieve your goals.


If you’re not sweating by the end of your workout, perhaps you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Try to reach an “out of breath” state at least once during your workout by incorporating high-intensity movements like super sets etc. There is a quote that ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’ and that actually true , if you are not training according to your schedule , hen perhaps the goals that you can achieve in a month might gonna take double .


Instead of shying away from exercises or equipment you’re unfamiliar with, ask a gym employee or fellow gym-goer for help. Another good idea is working with the certified trainer to help familiarize yourself with the gym layout and draft a workout plan. It’s easy to understand muscle building is done because the movement that occurs in then during the time of weight lifting and if the movement is not proper goals cannot be achieved. so its better to ASK HOW at right time .


Working out won’t yield results if your diet isn’t in check, too. Replace unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives and try to cut back on sugar. As we discussed earlier diet contributes around 70% toward your goal so there is a genuine need to put a precise and realistic diet chart .

It’s a good idea to prepare before (and refuel after) every workout with high-protein snacks like nuts, yogurt, deli meat, hummus and cottage cheese.


Losing weight, gaining strength, boosting endurance and increasing flexibility are all long term goals — so don’t expect to reach ultimate strength in a single week. Be realistic about the goals you set for yourself. For example, see if you can add five more pounds to your shoulder press or shave ten seconds off of your mile time within a month. Do just loose faith in your self with in a month because these things actually take a lot of time.


Even the most experienced athletes appreciate the importance of rest after a hard workout. Try to get eight hours of sleep every night, take at least one rest day a week and always walk into the gym ready to repeat another solid workout. Once you get into a routine, you’ll graduate from your “beginner” status in no time.